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Food Security and Natural Resources Management

WEMIHS works with vulnerable households to address food insecurity in rural areas where the poor have limited access to resources to improve their food supply. Often farming in marginal areas, the rural poor are reliant on the natural resources for their livelihoods, but are vulnerable to shocks such as drought and pests.

WEMIHS empowers vulnerable families to be more food secure and resilient to shocks while promoting environmentally sustainable practices. Using community-based natural resource management approaches, WEMIHS works with our beneficiaries to:

  • Improve agricultural knowledge and skills by providing gender-appropriate technical expertise and practical on-farm support
  • Improve agricultural production with soil and water conservation techniques best adapted for marginal and arid lands
  • Distribute necessary agricultural inputs (seeds,tools, equipment)
  • Integrate indigenous and modern knowledge and technologies based on community needs in order to maximize farming effectiveness in rural areas
  • Introduce innovative agricultural technologies that help vulnerable farmers grow nutritious crops in environmentally friendly, cost-effective and easily adoptable ways
  • Support post-harvest management technologies to reduce crop spoilage and losses after the harvests are collected
  • Extend the reach of government extension services by training community-level farming experts, establishing demonstration farms, and running agricultural fairs to showcase best practices
  • Strengthen farmer groups to advocate for the extension services they need in crop and livestock production at community levels