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Inauguration of The Thika Childrens’ Court


  • Start Date:2015-06-16
  • End Date:2015-06-16
  • Start Time:12:00
  • End Time:15:00
  • Location:Thika Law Courts


  • Organized by:WEMIHS and Judiciary
  • Mobile:+254-775-229922
  • Email:info@wemihs.or.ke
  • Website:www.wemihs.or.ke
  • Address:P.O Box 4046-01002

Child abuse is a reality and major concern in Kenya. The Government is committed to protect and improve the well being of children through enactment of the children’s act.This provides an environment to accelerate delivery of justice to children.

The Thika court users committee on this day of the African child June 16th,2015, inaugurated a child friendly court.

WEMIHS and the Judiciary as well as other members of the community participated in this landmark event which was held at the Thika Law Courts from 12pm to 3.00 pm.