partnering with government for policy implementation in support of children and vulnerable households

Stakeholder’s Knowledge Sharing Forum


  • Start Date:2015-02-19
  • End Date:2015-02-19
  • Start Time:08:30
  • End Time:12:00
  • Location:Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi

The Stakeholders Forum will present project results and lessons learned in implementing sustainable livelihood program aimed at transforming lives of vulnerable communities in Kenya most affected by disease, hunger and poverty.

We are optimistic that implementing the WEMIHS Lessons Learned on a broader scale can unlock the potential of a larger population of marginalized communities in Kenya and beyond with a special focus on the large population of vulnerable women and girls.

The project results demonstrate results that complement government to attain its commitments to with a focus on; food security in consideration of climate change, economic strengthening and social protection for vulnerable households.

Appreciation: WEMIHS special appreciation goes to:

– Canadian Hunger Foundation through (CHF) for partnership with funding from Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development/ Government of Canada.

– Government Departments for support and collaboration

– Project beneficiaries for their commitment to the transformation process and resourcefulness